Committed Couples

A Journey of Love and Devotion to ONE ANOTHER

God has a design for couples to live out in their everyday life. If you find yourself committed or committing to an individual this group is for you. We will walk along side of you as we explore the Word of God and discover Gods plan for healthy relationships. With over thirty years of experience in the ups and downs of relationship my wife and I are open to help you navigate the challenges of relationship This group is for all married couple’s or those looking to be Married at some point in the future. It is our desire that all couple’s come to discover who they are individually in a relationship and also define how they will support each other as they live life out together. Our times together will be surrounded by the Word of God, fellowship with other couples who are like minded in strengthening their relationships and going on date nites as a group. COME JOIN THE FUN as we celebrate the wonderful relationships that we have.